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About FreshCuts

How do you manage to deliver meat so fresh?

The quality of fresh meat rapidly deteriorates as the temperature rises above 40 

According to the WHO food safety manual, fresh meat tends to decompose and microorganisms multiply very quickly at temperatures between 50  to 60 , which can be dangerous for consumption. Our meat reaches you within 2 hours of slaughtering with hygienic packing and delivered in thermal insulated delivery bags

Where do you get your meat from?

We partner with local farm and fishing communities to bring you the freshest meat. They adhere to our stringent operating procedures to ensure hygienic, tasty and tender meat.

Is your meat frozen?

Never. All our meat are slaughtered in the morning around 6AM .We want to bring you the freshest meat, which is juicy and succulent. 

Do you have free-range chicken/ country chicken?

Yes, we sell free-range chicken, also known as country chicken. Free-range chicken, as the term suggests, is when the chicken can roam about freely in its natural habitat with adequate space and is fed a wholesome diet, absolutely free from antibiotics and other growth-promoting chemicals. These chicken are very healthy and tasty. We also sell free range goat.

Does your meat contain antibiotics?

Absolutely not! We go great lengths to ensure that our chicken and goat do not contain antibiotics. We follow stringent SOPs (standard operating procedures) before we choose a vendor, as well as conduct quality checks with our current vendors to ensure no antibiotics are present in the meat you eat.

Does your seafood contain ammonia?

Absolutely not! Most of the seafood available in the market today is loaded with chemicals like ammonia and formalin to increase their shelf life. We’ve built a business around bringing you chemical and preservative free seafood. We get seafood from local fishermen on a daily basis and keep it chilled in RO ice till it reaches the processing unit. 

Is your meat Halal cut?

Yes. We follow Halal Standards and all our meat products are 100% Halal.

The seafood seems to be more expensive than the wet market. Why?

FreshCuts takes great pains to bring you the freshest catch. Our seafood is slightly more expensive than the wet market since we maintain stringent quality standards while we cut and clean. This ensures that the freshest and most hygienic meat is delivered to your door.

What is the shelf life of FreshCuts meat?

We believe in eating fresh and replenish our meat every day! Our fresh meat has a shelf life of 1 to 2 days in refrigerated conditions.

About Our Products

Do I get the same product as shown in picture?   

The images are shown at the website/app are only for the product representation.


Do I get the same number of pieces as shown at website/app?

The quantity or number of pieces are given as per the net weight of the product


How is the weight of the seafood is calculated?

All the seafood are shown at website/app are the gross weight (Whole Fish/Prawn/Crab). Once the whole Fish/Prawn/Crab are weighted, it will be cut, cleaned and packed as net weight which is actual weight for the delivery. 

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Welcome to Fresh Cuts Online Meat Shop Online Meat Shop

Order online! We serve fresh tender fresh juiciest chicken, mutton, fish, prawns , crabs and shrimp

Fresh meat home delivery service from Store to Home Delivery.

We are a new meat home delivery service provider , ready to cook your favorite best quality seafood, chicken mutton, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Fresh Cuts started with the single aim of providing the fresh and tender tastiest meat to your doorstep, all the while handling it most hygienically.

Order meat online and buy fresh Chicken Mutton and Fish at Fresh Cuts. Serve with fresh fish, chicken, mutton, seafood, and shrimp. Door delivery within 2 hours.

The meat is distributed very cleanly and hygienically. The meat is sold online. Cleaned 100% halal.

Now choose the clean and sliced pieces you want from the meat at an affordable price. We offer the best services in terms of quality, price and convenience.

For queries please visit or google play store app and provide valuable feedback on your shopping experience. The difference in seafood is the quality and quantity.

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